Holdtight 102 vs BlastX 108

Looking to purchase Holdtight 102 Flash Rust Inhibitor & Salt Remover for Dustless Abrasive or Wet Blasting, or as an after wash additive for dry blasting?

Holdtight 102 is a very good flash rust inhibitor & salt remover. It is currently the market leader in the field, however that is mainly because they have been around for a lot longer than most of their competitors, & they have a very good marketing team (& a lot of dollars to market with)!

However just because they are the market leader, does not mean that they necessarily have the best product.

How BlastX 108 compares with HoldTight 102

We have conducted extensive testing of BlastX 108, side by side with Holdtight 102. The conclusion after every test (& our customers agree) is that there is no discernable difference between the performance of the 2 products.

At the same dilution ratios, & same method of use, both products inhibit flash rust for up to 72 hours, sometimes much longer depending on the weather conditions at the time.

Both products also clean the surface of grease, grime, blasting residue & chloride salts.

Side by side Bresle testing of surfaces after using either product as an afterwash additive when pressure washing the abrasive blasted surfaces, again shows that both products leaves the surface clean, & free of salt contamination.

Both products leave no discernible chemical reside on the blast surface.

The conclusion is that you can safely substitute Holdtight 102 with BlastX 108, for exactly the same results. Holdtight 102 is manufactured in the USA, however BlastX 108 is manufactured right here in Australia.

So why not try BlastX 108 for yourself. A 20kg drum of BlastX 108 is only $249.97 delivered FREE OF CHARGE, compared to around $300 PLUS DELIVERY COSTS for Holdtight 102

Money Back Guarantee!

Try BlastX 108 today, save $$$, & support Australian business & jobs. We guarantee BlastX 108 will perform the same as HoldTight 102, when used at the same dilution ratios & method of use, or your money back! You have absolutely nothing to lose, & $$$ to gain. Shop & save now.