4.2kg bottle BlastX 108 Rust Inhibitor. Low flat rate Australia wide shipping.

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4kg bottle BlastX 108 Flash Rust Inhibitor / Salt Remover additive – Low flat rate Australia wide shipping.

Express Post option also available.

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4.2kg bottle BlastX 108 Flash Rust Inhibitor / Salt Remover – Low flat rate Australia wide shipping. Order 1 or 100 bottles, & pay the same low shipping rate.

BlastX 108 is used as a flash rust inhibitor / salt remover additive for dustless / wet abrasive blasting, & also as an afterwash additive for dry abrasive blasting, & acid bath rust removal.

BlastX 108 can be used as a direct replacement for HoldTight 102, Dustless Blasting Rust Inhibitor, or Hold Blast flash rust inhibitor chemicals. Unlike all of the above flash rust inhibitor additives, which are manufactured overseas, BlastX 108 is manufactured right here in Australia.

Because BlastX 108 can be used as a direct replacement to the above Flash Rust Inhibitors, there is no need to change the dilution ratio or method of use. Simply continue to use BlastX 108 exactly as you would use any of the above rust inhibitor additives.

We guarantee that BlastX 108 will work as well as your current rust inhibitor / salt remover additive, at the same dilution ratios, or your money back!

BlastX 108 is Non-Acidic, Biodegradable, Non-Solvent, Non-Flammable, & Non-Hazardous to use. BlastX 108 leaves no residue, & can be diluted at 100:1 dilution ratio when used in the Blast Pot, & in the final cleanup water when pressure blasting off abrasive residue.

BlastX 108 prevents flash rusting for 48-72 hours (often longer*) when used in accordance with the directions *(depending on weather conditions).

Download the BlastX 108 SDS & Usage instruction sheet here:https://blastx108.com.au/downloads/

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Weight 5 kg
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3 Responsesso far.

  1. Cameron Bennier says:

    Great product..after speaking with this company about my slightly unique usage of blastX for a flash rust inhibitor after dry blasting but mainly acid bathing of car parts..I decided to try it and check the results..basically perfect…does everything it’s suppose to do..no flash rust for weeks even in my damp winter.

  2. Mitch S. says:

    great service, thanks.

  3. Verified Buyer says:

    Very prompt and efficient service. Does what it claimed.

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