Product Description

BlastX 108 Dustless Abrasive Blasting

BlastX 108 is a flash rust inhibiting, salt removing wet blasting additive that decreases surface tension, allowing the blast water to get into the pores of the metal, removing ALL contamination, including salts, chlorides, acids, abrasives, light oils & greases.

Unlike other cleaning additives, BlastX 108 leaves NO residue of its own, as it evaporates with the blast or pressure washer water, leaving a perfectly clean metal surface, ready for painting. A perfectly clean surface doesn’t rust, & it also greatly extends the life of nearly any protective coating applied to the metal. Most protective coatings fail from beneath the coating, due either to poor adhesion, or corrosion of the surface underneath due to residual salts or chloride contamination.

While there may be other cheaper rust inhibitors on the market, most of these cheaper mixtures leave behind a chemical residue, which WILL shorten the coating life, meaning more costly maintenance down the track. BlastX 108 leaves almost ZERO residue on the surface, greatly increasing the performance & life of protective coatings.

The unique properties of BlastX 108, prevents flash rust, neutralizes any acid residues, removes salts, chlorides & nitrates, removes blast residues, light oils & greases.

BlastX 108 is water-based, biodegradable, safe to use, & contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).

BlastX 108 WILL save you money, both for the reduced cost of the product compared to other brands of flash rust inhibitor additives, AND the reduced cost of maintenance caused by premature surface coating failure.

BlastX 108 is made right here in Australia & can be used in any water in blast pot machine, or water injection system, including  but not limited to, the following wet blasting systems:

  • Dustless Blasting
  • Rapid Blast
  • Quill Falcon
  • Graco Ecoquip
  • Wet Ring dustless blasting systems

Simply add BlastX 108 to the blast pot at a ratio of 1 part BlastX 108 to 100 parts water. We recommend also cleaning off excess blast residue at the end of the blasting cycle with a pressure washer, with BlastX 108 added to the pressure washer water, also at a ratio of 100:1 for a perfectly clean, ready to paint surface. Painting should be done within 48 hours, however in the right weather conditions can be stretched out to 72 hours or more.

Not Just for Dustless / Wet Blasting systems

In addition to dustless/wet abrasive or vapour blasting, BlastX 108 can also be used when pressure cleaning after dry abrasive blasting or soda blasting. By using BlastX 108 along with pressure cleaning the parts after dry abrasive blasting, the service life of any protective coating applied to the surface afterwards will be greatly increased. The combination of BlastX 108 with pressure washing will completely remove any blast residue, including salts, grease, acids, abrasives, light oils & greases.

Just using air pressure, or wiping the surface with a cloth is not sufficient to remove all the abrasive blast residue or salts on the surface of the product. In fact these cleaning methods can often make the problem worse, further embedding contaminant & residues, & smearing oils & grease, rather than removing them.

BlastX 108 is available in 4kg jerry can bottles, 20kg Cube drums, or 210 kg drums. The product can be shipped virtually anywhere in mainland Australia or Tasmania. See our online shop for pricing & availability.

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